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Both sides now
The broadcast industry is talking increasingly about the role of the cloud - but is it yet ready for prime time? When Joni Mitchell concluded the third verse of her much-covered 1967 song “Both Sides Now” (which was, interestingly, a hit for Judy Collins before Mitchell recorded it) with the line “I really don’t know clouds at all”
2016 10 Broadcast Bridge
Making the complex simple
You probably saw the news in June: a federal court in the USA ruled that high speed internet access should be defined as a utility - affirming the US government’s view that broadband is as essential to people’s lives as power, water, telephony and so on. That ruling will have many implications in terms of regulation - but just as importantly for us at Bridge Technologies, it confirms that ours is a vital business to be in.
2016 10 SCTE
The transition from SDI to IP isn’t just a technology challenge
- it’s a people challenge too

If you’re a fan of the TV series Star Trek, you’ll be familiar with the Borg. You’ll also be familiar with its mantra “Resistance is futile” as the collective tried to assimilate every other species in its quest for perfection. Sometimes, it seems like IP has become the Borg of the broadcast world. 2016 09 Broadcast Bridge
DVB-T/T2: monitoring the situation
With DVB-T2 having been trialled, adopted or deployed in over 150 countries around the world, there seems little doubt that it’s likely to become pervasive. That’s no surprise, as its benefits and advantages are demonstrably compelling.
2016 09 Content+ Technology
Kvamnet - overcoming challenges
In a remote part of Norway, an innovative network - providing Internet access, telephony and TV programming - has been created to serve its scattered and often isolated population. Some 600 kilometres west of Oslo on Norway’s beautiful, fjord-jagged west coast, lies Norheimsund, the administrative centre of the municipality of Kvam.
2016 09 SatNews
New formats – same problem (mostly)
The Duchess of Windsor, the American wife of the man who was previously England’s King Edward VIII, famously said: “You can never be too rich or too thin”. If she’d lived in the 21st century, she might have added: “… or have too much bandwidth”.
2016 08 Broadcast Bridge
High-throughput Satellite Meets the Challenge of IP Media
For some time, many people in the media industry have been wondering how much longer satellite could remain a major player now that the era of 4K is upon us and there is such a rapid proliferation of channels. There just isn’t the throughput for these new services on the current generation of satellites, so the argument goes, and the costs per gigabit for a 4K channel would have been prohibitive.
2016 07 KitPlus
Manufacturers and customers need a more intimate dialogue
The past few years have seen the rise of many new industries - many of them recognising that “one size fits all” is no longer a workable marketing approach. Increasingly, we want those who supply us to recognise us as individuals with needs that are unique to us. We want bespoke holidays..
2016 07 Broadcast Bridge
Huge data, huge challenge, small pool of engineers
The fundamental premise of technology is that it gives us leverage. A tool gives us more power, more effectiveness, more precision, more time. But there are few tools or technologies that do this for us without some effort on our part. Just buying a lathe doesn’t make a man a good woodworker. Buying an aeroplane doesn’t make you a pilot.
2016 06 Broadcast Bridge

The human element in digital media monitoring
If anyone has written a history of work, it will no doubt have a prominent theme: the way machines have allowed people to do progressively more and be more productive. The human race isn’t the only species to use tools, but we are the only species that puts so much effort into developing and evolving them so that we be ever more efficient in our work.
2016 05 Broadcast Bridge
Thinking Tools for Understanding Media Monitoring Data
Some of the great advances in human life have come about through material innovation - the invention of the wheel, or the discovery of radium - and some through changing the way that we think about the world. The theory of relativity or double-entry accounting, for example, can be seen as ‘thinking tools’ that allow people to organise and make sense of information in new ways, with profound and far-reaching effects.
2016 04 FKT

Before the truck rolls...
Consumers today have a reasonably clear choice between cost and quality. Most of the things that people spend money on are available in a cheap form, or in a more expensive version. You can choose the cheapest possible wine, power tool, or car insurance and if spending as little as you can is your priority in life, you will be happy with your purchase.
2016 04 Broadcast Bridge
Time travel is the best way to understand what happened when your service went down
'If only I had known then what I know now’. Surely everyone thinks this at least once in their lifetime. For most of us, it's probably many times more than once. Events are usually more understandable in hindsight, with perspective and a fuller consideration of the situation than might have been possible in the heat of the action.
2016 04 Broadcast Beat
Fixing the future by travelling in the past
In time travel fiction one of the most fruitful plot devices is uncertainty of outcome. Going back (or forward) in time is a risky business, and there’s even more risk if you don’t know in which direction you are travelling, and how far. Creators of TV series like Doctor Who and The Time Tunnel injected drama into their stories by ensuring that the protagonists never had complete control over their destination.
2016 03 Broadcast Bridge
UHDTV is coming, but where is it going?
It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good. This old saying means more or less that there are always people who can benefit from any turn of events, however negative it may seem at first glance. The converse is true as well: every silver lining comes with a cloud. So when some glittering new technology appears on the horizon with the promise of a brighter tomorrow.
2016 03 SatNews
A Strong Core Equips Providers for Volatile Peaks in Demand
Building the technical core for a cable, satellite or broadcast system starts with predicting the transport needs. Add to that requirement constantly changing viewer demands and needed support for new technology like 4K, UHD and HDR. Now ask yourself, what state-of-the-art monitoring technology will be needed to ensure proper system performance?
2016 02 Broadcast Bridge
QoE: what does it really mean today?
There are some immutable laws for success in any consumer-oriented industry. Potential customers need to know the product or service exists, and they have to be persuaded that it’s desirable or necessary. They have to be satisfied that it’s affordable and represents good value.
2016 01 Broadcast Bridge


News Virtually there... media monitoring goes beyond hardware
Being a hardware manufacturer is a great thing. It allows you to design the totality of the product and the user’s experience of it, to create a plug-and-play appliance that is uniquely fitted to its task. And there are plenty of tasks that are best done with the help of a piece of dedicated hardware, for many reasons. 2015 12 TV-Bay
News Change is the only constant - The Year In Rewiev
2015 has been a year in which Bridge Technologies launched more products than ever before, as the culmination of research and development programs in many areas. At the same time the pace of our R&D has increased too – as it must, because the media industry is undergoing such profound change. 2015 12 SatNews
News Playing through recorded monitoring data to understand fundamental causes of error
When there’s an urgent need to fix a problem, all efforts are directed at an immediate solution. You get the casualty to hospital first, and then start investigating how the accident happened afterwards.
2015 08 the FutureTV
News Standards don’t answer all the test and monitoring questions
Without standards, the world would be a very difficult place to live in. There are many kinds of standards that affect almost every aspect of live - technology is just one of those areas. We can consider language as a kind of standard that allows people in one part of the world to communicate with each other. 2015 07 Broadcast Bridge
Digital media services need more than just standard protection
Standards are conceived in abstract. They are set up and negotiated between interested parties in a process that can last several years, with each party to the negotiations pressing its own case, and the standard that emerges at the conclusion is usually compromised in some way.
2015 05 TV-Bay/KitPlus
News A good tool needs a good user: optimal quality in the real world
In the search for optimal service quality there is one variable that remains persistently outside the reach of manufacturers and media operators. No matter how well-designed and well-implemented an operator’s infrastructure is, and no matter how comprehensive the features of the technology used, and how instant the information it provides, service quality still ultimately depends on the human factor. 2015 04 - InBroadcast
News Exploring the ocean of T&M data
It has been said that knowledge is like a pool of light: the larger it is, the greater the circumference of darkness that surrounds it. Or, the more we know, the more we discover new things we don’t know. Then, as someone else put it, there are the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns. We are aware of the darkness at the edge of the pool of light, but not what lies further in the shadows behind the edge. 2015 03 - InBroadcast
News Visualising the future of digital media business
More and more, successful delivery of digital media services is all about data management. Data about how well the services are performing can come from many sources - from market research and customer satisfaction responses, from analysis of customer support and maintenance activity, and from monitoring systems. 2015 03 TV-Bay/KitPlus
News HDR + 4K Are Changing The Way We “View”
Sometimes glibly dismissed as another ruse manufacturers have introduced to get consumers to dip into their pockets again is 4K technology for broadcasting. 3DTV came and went, the cynics say, and 4K is just the next revenue- generating gimmick. Undoubtedly many consumers feel a compulsion to own the latest technology almost for its own sake. 2015 03 - Sat Magazine
The VB288 delivers visual content extraction, status displays and alerts, and graphic displays of monitoring and analysis data to a virtual videowall display viewed through any web browser. Powered by a standard high-specification server, the VB288 displays large numbers of HD H.264 and H.265 4K channels - even after encryption - in multiple browser windows for QoE verification. Users can customise the display within minutes with any combination of content extraction and other graphical analysis displays - unlike traditional videowalls, no specialist skills are required.
2015 01 - TM Broadcast

News Introduction of VB273 Intelligent Switch, the first in a new line of products
No one in our business should ever complain about being bored - to be involved in conceiving, designing, manufacturing and selling technology for the satellite and media industries is to be in a constant state of change and development. 2014 12 - Sat Magazine
News Data visualisation: discovering and inventing new opportunities
People who like to find names for these things have dubbed this ‘the information age’ - the age in which the most significant and transformative feature of human existence is the widespread and instant access to information. The term also carries the implication that it is the use of information as an engineering tool - engineering in a scientific, commercial and social sense - that is shaping the most important changes to the way we live now and into the future. 2014 11 - TV-Bay/KitPlus
News Getting closer with ‘remote’ access
The development of remote control and remote operations is one of the most profound trends reshaping our broadcasting and telecommunications world. It allows operators to evolve radically different business models, make better use of human resources, and pursue market opportunities with greater agility. 2014 11 - In Broadcast
News Exchanging Complexity For Simplicity
In the 1890s, electric power was seen as the coming technology, expected by many to be a replacement for the steam engine as a source of motive power. The electric motor had many advantages - Pollution was rarely thought about in those days. However, another advantage of electric power became evident - electricity was clean at the point of delivery. 2014 09 - Sat Magazine
News Meeting expectations with OTT
Do viewers really expect the same standards of service when they watch an OTT stream as when they switch on the television? It’s become a mantra for manufacturers and pundits to say that OTT providers who fail to live up to consumer expectations will not succeed, and that these expectations are defined by everyone’s experience of linear television.2014 09 - In Broadcast
News Satellite adapts again to find new roles
After a period in which it appeared to be falling behind the innovation curve, Satellite is fighting back. Recent developments are giving satellite a key role to play in combination with other technologies - notably IP - in a range of hybrids that broadcasters and infrastructure operators are exploring in the search for lower costs, greater flexibility and more robust redundancy provision. 2014 09 - SatMag
News Simplicity unlocks a complex world
What is the problem with complexity? We are all sophisticated higher primates with the ability to form and process abstract concepts, to evaluate subtle and diverse sense impressions, to plot a path and follow it in spite of many tempting alternatives. 2014 08 - In Broadcast
News Tech Briefing: Complexity is the enemy
The broadcast industry is going through a major shift: from analogue to digital, proprietary to IP, and closed to increasingly open. However, Simen K. Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies argues that the biggest challenge is dealing with complexity. 2014 08 - IBE Connect
News IT revolution: beware the talking dog
Revolutions - even the most benign ones - are almost always followed by a period of over-reaction to the r?gime that preceded them. It would be an exaggeration to say that in broadcasting the transition from dedicated black-box equipment to IT was a revolution: a paradigm shift would be a better description, but it has brought a pendulum swing in its wake just the same. 2014 07 - In Broadcast
News Satellite operators decentralise infrastructure for rapid response to change
Among the waves of change rippling through the world of the satellite operator, decentralisation offers some of the more intriguing benefits. In place of the traditional centralised operating model a more distributed infrastructure has been made possible by recent technological developments, and this kind of topology suits operators looking for cost reduction through standardisation of equipment, greater flexibility, and a more resilient redundancy capability that is able to survive the failure of the central production system. 2014 07 - TV-Bay
News Competitiveness is the sum of many small gains
Sports teams and athletic competitors are constantly searching for a performance advantage through the cumulative effect of dozens of small ‘marginal gains’. Some of these gains are achieved through rare and expensive technologies, others through diet and training, and some are attitudinal and psychological. 2014 06 - In Broadcast
News Clouding the Issue
One of the predominant industry themes in 2013 was the Race to the Cloud, and NAB 2014 provided a window on to the many different directions manufacturers are taking. The industry is now in a cloud-frenzy, and without some kind of cloud-strategy and offering, a manufacturer risks being seen as falling behind. 2014 05 - In Broadcast
News Audio monitoring is critical to visual media services
It’s a fact of TV broadcasting that audiences will tolerate reduced visual quality much more readily than any impairment to the audio. So long as the audio continues and is intelligible, viewers tend to put up with glitches in the video or even temporary loss of picture. But if a broadcaster lets the audio quality drop or loses audio altogether, that’s when the viewer gives up and switches channel. 2014 05 - Tv-Bay/KitPlus
News Meeting the test & measurement challenge
2014 04 - In Broadcast
News For Effective QoE the Answer to Complexity is Simple
2014 04 - In Broadcast
News Let’s Get Objective About QoE
Everyone knows the joke about the tourist winding down his car window and asking a local man how to get to the coast. The local scratches his head and says: ‘Well I wouldn’t start from here.’ It’s good advice for anyone thinking about implementing a quality of experience monitoring system. QoE is deemed to be an essential facet of a good monitoring strategy for digital media operators, but the conventional approach to QoE for digital media has some surprising origins. 2014 03 - In Broadcast
News OTT: the wild frontier
OTT offers innumerable opportunities that also come with a host of challenges. With more viewers taking to the second and third screens, broadcasters want to grab a share of the OTT pie while they still can but many of them don’t know how. 2014 02 - BroadcastPRO

Bridge Technologies VB440-V Virtual Probe Wins IABM Award for Test, Quality Control & Monitoring
Bridge Technologies today announced that its innovative VB440-V virtual probe was chosen by the judges as the winner of the 2016 IABM Design & Innovation Awards in the “Test, Quality Control & Monitoring” category.
Bridge Technologies Remote Data Wall “Highly Commended” by CSI Judges
Bridge Technologies today announced that its innovative Remote Data Wall was ‘Highly Commended’ by the judges in the ‘Best monitoring or network management solution’ category of the CSI Awards at a presentation at IBC on 9 September.
Bridge Technologies Addresses New Classes Of User With Uniquely Portable Probe for Monitoring and Managing IP Networks
At IBC 2016, Bridge Technologies launched NOMAD, a unique, innovative and affordable tool for anyone tasked with managing, supporting and optimising IP networks and hybrid networks with RF signals.
Remote Data Wall (RDW) Receives IBC 2016 Innovation Award from Broadcast Beat
Remote Data Wall enables users with no special skills to create displays, extending over multiple screens in a videowall format, that deliver graphical representations of a broad range of data, significantly easing the monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting of media networks.
Industry’s First Dual 40 Gigabit Probe for Monitoring High Density IP Networks
Bridge Technologies today announced the VB440-V dual 40 Gigabit Ethernet virtual probe, which monitors high density IP media traffic in core broadcasting networks, production studios, outside broadcast and master control centers, enabling users to quickly rectify problems and maximise Quality of Service (QoS).

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